Problast CRS Blasting Package

The most durable coating removal system you will find. Made from stainless steel, the ProBlast CRS will not chip, peel, dent or rust. Our top-of-the-line package features the best quality valves in the industry. Our customers will tell you, you won’t find a better value anywhere.

ProBlast CRS

The ProBlast CRS Package Includes:
  • 100 lb Stainless Steel Blast Pot with easy to access front mounted controls
  • Auto Dump Water Separator
  • 12 volt electric dead man switch
  • 2 Air Hoses (one 10ft and one 40ft)
  • 50 foot blast hose
  • #5 blast nozzle
  • 300 CFM 12 volt air cooler and stand

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

 Portable – the CRS is lightweight and on wheels, so you can work on top of a 40 story building or inside a tanker hull
• Efficient – the CRS uses up to 80% fewer media than a traditional sandblaster (see comparison chart below)
• Versatile – the CRS can run many different media including soda, sand, cob, glass, etc with ease
• User-Friendly – front mounted controls so you can easily see everything that is going on
• Durability – Stainless Steel Construction is made to last in every environment
• Perfect Size – 100lb capacity = 40 minutes to 1 hour of running time per fill
No need to change any hardware when changing media means no small parts to lose!

Everything you will need except media, a compressor, and personal safety equipment
** Compressor requirements: 185 CFM at 80 – 105 PSI, not high pressure but high volume

The Difference

The Difference Between ProBlast CRS and Traditional Sandblasters

Our equipment is true multi-media - meaning it can do so much more than soda. Some websites accuse us of only being able to ‘flow’ soda which is just a way to fool you with semantics. Our CRS works fantastically with soda, but can also do any dry uniform particle size media between US mesh #40 – #80 such as:

Built to Last

Our equipment is built to last

This is the ultimate in flexibility in what you’re blasting. You’re not limited to one type of media and only one level of effectiveness.
SODA – ONLY equipment or DRY – ICE Equipment does have its place, but you are severely limited in the types of jobs that you can do. Wouldn’t it be nicer to have that flexibility? To take on almost any job and know that you can handle it?

The only things that a CRS can’t blast are things that need steel shot – and the soda-only machines can’t do those either.

Our equipment is built to last. The vessel AND fittings are made of 304 stainless steel, not carbon steel which will rust in a few years. The carbon steel units are usually painted which will eventually peel and flake, and become an eyesore. Everyone knows that the condition of your equipment reflects on the quality of your business. A ProBlast stainless steel Coatings Removal System will be a secure investment and add polish to your business image for many years to come.

ProBlast operates with honesty and integrity. We give you one price that has everything included to operate except your compressor, media of choice and your personal safety equipment. We don’t sell you the unit, then the water separator extra and the after cooler extra and the hoses extra…you get the idea.

Best of all - Your Warranty is not Conditional on Your Buying Media from Us.
You can purchase media from whomever you like.

Owners Are Very Important

Owners are very important to us

We don’t drop you after the sale. If you have questions we will help you in any way we can. For media consumption rates: The CRS is fully adjustable, but generally uses approximately 2 bags per hour. Some companies brag that they only use 1 bag per hour but what they don’t tell you is that they use a smaller nozzle or turn their media way down. You can do the same with the CRS but do you really want to take 3 days to do a 4hr job? We give you realistic figures. Some companies brag that they give you all kinds of nozzle sizes. Know that this is in your price. We question why. When we did testing we found that nozzle sizes #2, #3, #4 did save a lot of media but it took you forever to do the job. Sizes #6, #7, #8 did the jobs really fast but wasted a ton of media. We found that #5 did the best work and was efficient with both time and media. That’s the one we give you. Why pay for a bunch of nozzles that you’ll never use and end up getting lost in your shop?

Owners also receive a 60% discount on wearable parts compared to people who have not purchased from us or are not registered with us. There are only two wearable parts on your machine and they only wear if you use abrasives. We are a company that thinks things through. We want the best for our owners because when their equipment is the best, their business succeeds. When their business succeeds, they come back for a second (or even 3rd) ProBlast CRS. The better you do, the better it is for us, so we are very interested in your success.


Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart



 Voltage: 12V
• Dimensions: 48″ x 36″ x 24″
• Weight: 120lbs
• Construction: 304 Stainless Steel Pot that has a high-quality valve system, galvanized fittings, repairable dead man switch
• Media: Any dry, clump-free media of uniform particle size between #40-#80 mesh
• Media Consumption: Capable of 50lbs, 150lbs per 40mins, 1 hr of run time. Average use is 100lbs per hour.
(Corn cob has a different runtime due to its density)
• Compressor Compatibility: requires 185 CFM compressor (not included)
• Air Hoses: 1″ air hose instead of 3/4″ that is commonly supplied with a compressor
• Wearable Parts: Nozzle and specially designed metering system. The average lifespan of each these is approximately 1 yr depending on usage.

CRS Added Value

CRS Added Value

With ProBlast you will receive this value-added package for no additional charge. (Make sure you get this value when you price out a system)

• Free Company listing on owners page
• Free marketing package including brochure template and ‘show me’ files
• Free 24/365 phone in support
• Free referrals for any call in your area
• Media direct buying from manufacturers and supplier list
• Safety Equipment list 100lb capacity = 40 minutes to 1 hour of running time per fill
• Project troubleshooting expert advice on estimates and How-Tos
• An owner’s only section with information to get you going
• Information sharing with other blasters (Priceless!)
• Buy any compressor or trailer don’t get forced to buy new
• Buy your media from any supplier; warranty is not tied to media



• 90-day bumper to bumper warranty to cover everything related to manufacturing defects
• 5 yrs on the pot
• 2 years on the valves and gauges
• Warranty excludes all wearable’s and excludes all damages resulting from improper use
• Repair on valves must be completed by certified MAC technicians



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